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Our Values. What We Consider Most

Integrated Team Work, Together Everybody Achieves More!

Knowing the elements for effective teamwork we try to build and maintain high-performance teams throughout

our organization. We experienced it ! Effective teamwork within an organization leads to increased productivity,

and a well-integrated team leads to good morale

Ethics & Responsibility, Essential Element Of Medicine!

Ethic is a main concept and has real significance for the all Kimia members. We have a simple

morale rule which we follow in every aspects of our business, delivering the most effective drugs to

market for the society whose benefits far compensate their adverse effects. To us every patient matter!

Science And Technology, Because Medicine Grows From Science!

KIMIA uses updated knowledge and technology to provide the best quality oral oncology drugs with the

most specific scientific methods. Oncology is a critical field of medicine, we recognize complexity of our performance

and understand requirements for pure production in everyday business.


Our R&D Strategy


In response to increased cancer patient needs for high quality generic medicines and healthcare system demands to control treatment costs,

We are strategically shaping  our pipeline by our focus on key therapeutic areas in oncology



Our Visions, What We Aspire To Become?


we will seek science and build teamwork, trust and business relationships that help us reach a steady growth.

 Putting the patient at the center as the main customer and making business decisions based on the patient requires tremendous efforts

and a culture transformation. This transformational shift is important for us on many levels. Its in accordance with other visions we have

and can help us move faster toward them.

patient centricity has huge impact on pharma companies reputation and trustworthiness, in fact being more trustworthy is an amazing

business strategy. Furthermore this approach may provide great results for both patients & pharmaceutical companies i.e. better collaborations to

treatment plans & adherence to it , improved management of adverse effects…









Steady Collaboration: We collaborate with our overseas business partners by providing them with effective market adoption & competition strategies.

Scientific Support: We deliver world class medical info for management of adverse drug reactions and fulfilling patients care goals, wherever

patients are receiving our drugs they deserve to get best possible supports and education for having better quality of life.

Well Experienced Team: Kimia has well experienced team for export who are able to cope with high degrees of autonomy and responsibility. our extensive skill set lies in successfully developing and implementing strategic processes, managing air and ocean transportation, and leading high-performing staff to

oversee all aspects of outbound product shipments