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In our manufacturing processes we constantly follow standards according national and international requirements for Generic medicines. Below are some steps we take to ensure manufacturing safe and effective generic cancer medicines:








Quality medicines: we take the full precautions and follow standards to ensure our medicines are free from defects, deficiencies and significant variations. in our factories the manufacturing of active substances, ingredients and medicinal products need to comply with the highest standards of excellence.


Safe Medicines: we are focused on manufacturing medicines that do not cause unacceptable harm. In order to guarantee the safety of medicines, we perform extensive studies before the medicinal product is accepted in the market. Moreover through our pharmacovigilance system, we perform post-marketing safety surveillance of our products on the market.



Bioequivalence: scientifically, the generic medicine and the originator product demonstrate essentially the same rate and extent of biological availability of the active substance in the body when administered in the same dose. In simple terms, the generic medicine and the original product must be equally effective. This is why we pay serious attention to such investigations and invest a lot in Bioequivalence studies.